Japanese Zoo Creates a Bridge for Guinea Pigs to Travel

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Rush hour! The Nagasaki Bio Park zoo in Japan has an ingenious and incredibly cut way of moving large amounts of guinea pigs between enclosures.

When the zoo staff need to move the guinea pigs from one play enclosure to the next, they extend what is possibly the most adorable suspension bridge in the world across the gap between them.

A visitor to the Nagasaki Bio-Park named tabi captured adorable footage of the resident guinea pigs as they moved in a single file line down a wooden boardwalk bridge that the zoo expressly built to allow the fuzzy rodents to easily travel from one play area to another.

The narrow ramps allow the delightful creatures to form an orderly, single file line while they travel to their designated fun spots. The guinea pigs, which seem to know exactly what to do, file across in an orderly fashion.

Rigorous organization has never been so adorable!

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