Is Taylor Swift the Star of Japanese McDonald's Commercial?

12738 People Viewed - about 37 months ago

Taylor Swift has an evil twin bent on fast food domination!

Well, not really. But this model from an old Japanese McDonald's commercial definitely bares a striking resemblance to Swifty.

An old Japanese McDonald’s commercial that was uploaded to YouTube in 2006, the same year that Swift released her first self-titled album, has gone viral because the actress in the striking red wig and yellow dress clutching a Big Mac strongly resembles T-Swift. 

Look at her!

Now look at Taylor!

The two ladies share the same bow-lipped pout, porcelain skin, cat eyes, and sideways smile.

Was there a secret Swift family member we never knew about?

If that is not in fact Taylor promoting the burger, Taylor definitely needs to meet this twin in real life, and we want to see the photos.

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