Internet Newest Hobby: Putting Donald Trump's Face in the Right Place

13312 People Viewed - about 29 months ago

Donald Trump's face is now the most incredible meme.

The Internet has created a new creature by combining images of Donald Trump's mouth with images of pufferfish. Let's review what the two share in common:

One, both get puffed up when in a defensive posture. Two, pufferfish are one of the most poisonous vertebrates in the world, while Trump is one of the most poisonous politicians in the world. Two for two!

Remember Dolores Umbridge? The cat-loving villain from the Harry Potter series?

I mean, really, how could you forget? Now look at the TRUMPBRIDGE.

You'll never know the difference between Donald Trump and Dolores Umbridge again.

Also introducing the newest food: Trumplings.

In Paris, someone added Donald Trump's face to the wall of this restroom. Keen-eyed folks have already noticed that it's a work of photo editing rather than street art. Amazing!

Maybe it's the worst day in your life.

Sorry, Donald Trump.

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