Incredible Video Settles "The Best Weapon in Games" Argument

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It's a question we've all wondered - What is the best weapon in gaming?

Well now, thanks to this awesome YouTube video, we have ourselves an answer.

This slick video shows a whole load of gaming's most memorable weapons facing off against each other in Ultimate Gun Game.

For those who don't know, Gun Game is a popular mode in shooters where players score kills to upgrade their weaponry, usually starting with something shitty like a pistol and ending with the heavy hitters. First one to chalk up a kill with the final weapon, wins. Simple.

The Chainsaw Gun from Gears of War, Mario's fireball power up, a wand from Harry Potter and Mega Man's Mega Blaster all feature before the video culminates in an epic duel between Halo's energy sword and a lightsaber.

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And, yes, lightsabers are epic.


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