If You Hate Selfie Sticks,This Selfie Mirror Would Be the Best Choice to Take Perfect Snap

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Could this be the end of the selfie stick?

Because the selfie mirror is the brand new, all singing, all dancing way to take a picture of yourself.

The product has been developed by Smart Ltd who plan to take the mirror to the open crowdfunding market, in the hope that they will be the first to enable the world to take 'hands-free' selfies.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Currently in prototype form, the mirror is equipped with a built-in HD camera and 2000 lumens of LED light along its edges so that you can take a professional-grade, hands-free photo right at home. 

What’s more, pictures and videos taken on the mirror can be uploaded straight to social media sites, or YouTube.

And the wall-mounted accessory comes in two different sizes — 27” x 47” and 27” x 31.5” — and will be a welcomed addition to any bedroom or closet.

While the mirror can be used for selfies, it also has more practical applications. 

As it packs a digital amplifier and a Hi-Fi sound system, you could listen to your favorite tunes, SoundCloud and Internet radio channels as you get ready for a night on the town or try on a new outfit in a fitting room.

According to Smart Ltd’s official website, you can also use the Selfie Mirror every day to connect to your friends all over the world, while sending them your latest look. 

There’s a feature that allows you to make Skype calls, read Tripadvisor reviews, check the news and weather and generally update your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

So move over selfie sticks, you have been replaced — well, in the home anyhow. 

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