How to Take A Shower in the Presence of A Gay Athlete?

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Michael Sam just received another major hit in his NFL career, being cut from Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad. No one knows if there’s something to do with his sexual orientation as Sam came out as a gay weeks before the 2014 draft.

At the time when the St. Louis Rams selected the former Missouri star with the 249th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the whole world is wondering if there will be some locker room problems. Again, no one knows.

Well, this is indeed none of your business because you have no chance to share the locker room with Michael Sam anyway. But for these straight guys who go to a gym on the site of the original Village People YMCA, there's some advice for you.

1. Take off the clothes you just used while competing/exercising.

2. Stand under running water and clean your hair and skin with soap.

3. Dry off.

4. Put on clean clothes. (Comfy!)

And that’s it! Congratulations — you have now showered in the presence of a gay athlete without triggering the collapse of civilization.


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