How to Roleplay Wizardry School?

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If you love Harry Potter and have always wanted to make your own Hogwarts-like wizardry school, this is the article for you! Here you will learn not only the basics, but the finer details of creating your own Wizardry School World!

1. Start by mapping out your school

Create an Entrance Hall, Main Hall, Dining Hall, Dungeons, Stairways, and of course, the dorms for the students. The easiest way to do this is to create the main hall and branch everything off of that.

Hogwarts wizardry school 

2. Name the school

At the top of your map, write the name of your school. Put together strange words until it sounds just right. Example: Gingerwades, Leopardlaws, etc., etc.

3. Grab another sheet of paper

Place the map in your binder and grab another paper. Start listing the classes you want to include in your school and the professors to run them. Professors can be made up or can be friends that are willing to play the part. Include classes such as Basic,Intermediate and Advanced Magic, Potions, Herbology, Muggle Studies, Beast Studies or even Ghost Studies.

Harry Potter Houses 

4. Create an enrollment system

Will students wanting to join just send a letter? Will they be chosen by random or by bloodline? Will they be sent a personality quiz to determine their house or will they have a sorting hat?

5. Writing up lesson plans

Start slowly and advance throughout the year. Start the lesson plans with week 1 and write down the main idea of the lesson and any work you will assign that week. Do this for all the weeks until the year ends.

Wizard lessons 

6. Enjoy your work

Update files daily and make schedule changes. Divide the students into houses named after anything you want such as celebrities,spices,animals or even songs. Have fun being a professor or student and watch the magical world unfurl before you!

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