Here's What "The Perfect Woman" Looks Like, and She Is Not What You Expect

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What makes the "perfect" woman?

You'd think a nice personality, self-confidence and intelligence should make the list.

No. Apparently, it all comes down to THIS with a little bit of brains on the side.

Before we go any further, it needs to be specified that dating website is a place where women actually get paid to go out with men.

To create an account you answer required demographic questions like "interested in," religion, ethnicity, height, body type etc. Then you can browse through members in your area. 

To contact others you can "Name a price" on a profile (how much he would have to pay to go out with you) or "Wink" (to let him know you're interested so he should name the price he's willing to pay).

But this website has done some "good" with their data and created American men's "Perfect Woman" based on how much extra they would pay for certain qualities. 

The information gathered is based on 175,000 users on the site and the upward deviation from the average rate of $120 per date. 

A woman possessing the combined qualities of a laundry list of celebrities could fetch them pretty $133.94. So what exactly are these qualities? 

Graduate Degree, a la Emma Watson

Men would pay $138.27 to go out with a woman with an advanced degree. 

Brown Eyes, a la Selena Gomez 

Men would pay $133.09 to go out with a woman with brown eyes. 

Dark Brown Hair, a la Mila Kunis 

Men would pay $137.47 to go out with a woman with dark brown hair. 

Height 5'9'', a la Jennifer Lawrence 

Men would pay $136.68 to go out with a woman who is exactly 5' 9''. 

Athletic Body Type, a la Jessica Biel 

Men would pay $133.90 to go out with an athletic woman. 

Middle Eastern Ethnicity, a la Kim Kardashian 

Men would pay $133.56 to go out with a woman of Middle Eastern descent. 

So here she is, the "Perfect Woman" that men will literally pay $133.94 to go out with. 

Other bonus qualities include being a non-smoker, childless or being a "social drinker." 

Yep, I feel like this too.

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