Her Boyfriend Plays for Man Utd but She Chooses to be a £10-an-hour Shop Girl

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Man Utd midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin's girlfriend Camille Sold has a slightly different salary to her boyfriend, who rakes in £100,000 a week.

But 21-year-old Camille Sold is happy to go out and earn her own crust - making £10-an-hour as a shop girl at an Adidas store in Manchester city centre.

That is to say, she earns around £15,000 a year, a fraction of what her boyfriend makes in a week.

Ms Sold is no stranger to the spotlight having been a contestant on reality TV series KohLanta, France's version of Survivor in 2012.

A fan, who spotted the 21-year-old working in the shop, said: 'When I saw her I thought I knew her from somewhere.

'Then I saw she had Schneiderlin's number on her United shirt and realised it was his girlfriend.

'It's great that she's working for a living unlike most other Wags, but it's amazing to think she earns less in six years then he gets in a week.'

The pair are currently living in the Lowry Hotel in nearby Salford.

Schneiderlin is regularly seen picking his girlfriend up from work before they head back to their temporary home.

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