Guess Which X-Men Member Just Came Out as "Full Gay"

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He's been part of a wildly popular superhero team since its very beginning.

But there's something we never knew about Bobby Drake, aka Iceman of the X-Men.

Wednesday's issue of "All-New X-Men" No. 40 reveals the truth: Bobby is gay.

Iceman is "outed" by his fellow X-Man, Jean Grey, after making some lewd comments about their teacher. The pages were leaked ahead of the book's release when a user uploaded them to 4chan.

The redhead calls him aside and asks him why he told a female professor she is 'hot' when he is gay. The icy mutant denies it, but she reminds him that she can read his mind.

Then comes the "maybe I'm just bi" argument, and that's when Jean tells him she thinks he's just "full gay."

This is what happens when you hang around a telepathic.

Iceman's sexuality has been debated by fans for years. He has had several failed relationships with female mutants, including Kitty Pryde and Mystique, but this may be the first time the superhero has actually said the words out loud.

The series author Brian Michael Bendis was somewhat perturbed about the leak. He hopes that fans will still read the entire story instead of relying on a few images online. 

Also, it's important to note that "Family Guy" called this reveal years ago:

Iceman is hardly the first LGBT superhero in Marvel's canon, but his coming out makes him one of the most famous to do so. 

Back 2012, Marvel made headlines by publishing the first gay marriage in superhero comics, wedding X-Man Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu. And this year, Catwoman recently came out as canonically bi in her own headlining DC series.

So what do you think of Iceman's big news?

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