Groot Is Big Enough to Get His Own Marvel Comic Book

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Come to think of it, how did Groot and Rocket Raccoon meet and become a team?

These questions and more are about to be answered, gentle reader of tree-based paper comics, because Marvel is giving Groot his own standalone comic-book.

Following the astonishing success of "Rocket Raccoon," whose issue #1 was the bestselling comic last July, a record-setting month for comic-book publishing, Marvel Comics is set to publish his partner in pulp's very own ongoing series.

Marvel says the story will focus on some of Groot's backstory, as well as finally detail how he and Rocket Raccoon met and teamed up in the first place.

Groot #1 will hit the shelves in June of 2015, with Jeff Loveness ((a comedy writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!) on writing duties and Brian Kesinger (of Disney) on drawing duty.

In speaking with Mashable, Loveness explained how writing about a character with such a limited vocabulary is both fun and challenging, 

"It's a challenge, and also part of the fun. Being a comedy writer on TV, you make your living on words and turns of phrase and jokes. So with Groot you've gotta dig deep and find a lot of physical comedy."

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