Germany Crashed Portugal and Ronaldo's World Cup Dream in Group Match

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As the leader of Germany squad and a gastronomist,Low brought only one striker who is already 36 years old to Brazil.But it doesn't affect his youngsters getting the first hat-trick in World Cup 2014.


Mr World Player Ronaldo should step into the playground with full of ambitions as he has been winning all year long.Portugal did creat opportunities in the first 20 minutes.But their backyards got on fire before Ronaldo could score.Mario Gotze charged into penalty area and was pulled down by Joao Pereira,the referee blew his whistle immediately and decisively like his colleagues did days ago.Muller dispatched a fast shot and the score became 1-0.

Coming events cast their shadows before them. German cashed a corner chance and Mats Hummels outjumped Pepe and Bruno Alves.It was 2-0.

Pepe received a red card in the match of Germany vs Portugal of World Cup 2014

As Portuguese grew restless,a rub between Muller and Pepe triggered the centerback's talent skill - "Red Demand".And the match was totally wrapped up.Fortunately referee did not see Melceres 's fingers,or it would be a red card two-for-one.

Fantastic positional sense helped Muller wear his trick hat without much effort during the time left.Making the score 4-0 at the end.What's worse,Portugal lost Almeida and Coentrao in the game.The expression on Ronaldo face would no doubt be a hot meme after the match.

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