Game of Thrones Season 7 Will Be Shorter and Delayed

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For Game of Thrones fans, the long wait between seasons is painful, and the 10 episodes we get each year feel all too brief.

But this year, it will be even harder: not only will Season 7 feature just seven episodes, instead of the usual 10, it will also be released at least a couple of months later than usual.

That's because, after six seasons of coming, Winter is finally here. Which means filming has been pushed back so the production can get some gloomier weather than usual.

Fans may mourn the time-shift because it means an even more agonizing wait to see what happens under Queen Cersei's rule.

It also gives a bit more time for George R. R. Martin/the books to catch up to the show again.

HBO also announced Monday that Game of Thrones averaged 25.1 million viewers an episode in season 6. It's a new record for the show, topping season 5's 20.2 million viewers per episode.

The news comes days after the show racked up 23 Emmy nominations, including best drama series.

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