Forget Thigh Gaps, Thighbrows Are the Next Big Body Trend

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If 2014 was the year of the booty, 2015 might very well be the time for the thighs to take the spotlight.

Yes, there’s a new thing the Internet wants us to obsess about having or not having. 

Welcome to the world of thighbrows, a world which once you enter you may never leave, a world where lines on legs are a thing. Things called a thighbrows.

Confused? Well, thighbrows are the crease between your upper torso and thighs when you're sat or kneeling down. Think of them as eyebrows on your hips - but minus the hair.


thanks @goldteethgod for the necklace of my G wagon

King Kylie(@kyliejenner)发的照片 ·2015-03-29,14:57 PDT

That line. That line at the top of Kylie Jenner’s leg. That line is a thighbrow. 

Rihanna, Beyonce, and any number of Kardashian-Jenners can be seen sporting the look on Instagram, and our interest was piqued. 

A mini glimpse of thighbrow from Beyonce


Beyoncé(@beyonce)发的照片 ·2015-06-10,10:32 PDT

Here’s Khloe doing a casual gym thighbrow


FBF to my @ComplexMag shoot

Khloé(@khloekardashian)发的照片 ·2015-08-14,14:24 PDT

Kylie doing the bikini + thighbrow pose



King Kylie(@kyliejenner)发的照片 ·2015-08-20,13:29 PDT

Plus the master of thighbrow, Nicki Minaj, showed off hers in the ‘Anaconda’ video

The good thing about this body trend, versus that collarbone coin thing and the ubiquitous thigh gap obsession, is that you don’t have to have a specific body type to have a thighbrow. 

You just have to kneel, or lift your legs up, or just slightly contort your body until your thighs are up near your hips. Done. Easy.

Hey, any body trend that involves sitting down and minimal effort can’t be too bad.

Let’s just not try not to get too obsessive about the size, and shape, and prominence of our thighbrows. All thighs are beautiful. Let them crease how they wish.

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