Forget Kim Kardashian! The Winner of Miss BumBum 2015 Has Been Announced

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Meet Suzy Cortez, the woman with the best bum in Brazil, AKA probably the best bum in the world.

Cacau Oliver, the organiser of the contest said: "The Miss Bum-Bum competition is to elect Brazil's most beautiful bum."

To win the coveted prize, the 26-year-old fitness model had to beat out 500 other fannies, including 15 at the Monday night finale.

Although the contestants are excited to take part, runner up in the pageant last year, Andressa Urach, nearly died after procedures to enhance her rear began to rot.

This year contestants had to prove they hadn't undergone surgery to enhance their bums, or used chemical products.

Bottoms are a thing of national pride in Brazil, and reportedly some beauties even get their bums covered by insurance companies.

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