Fake Spanish Actress Photoshopped Her Entire Acting History

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A Spanish actress was caught faking her illustrious career by editing her face onto pictures of other celebrities before sharing them with her 22,000 Instagram followers. 

Anna Allen, 32, deleted her account after it was discovered that she had posted fake photos of herself supposedly attending this year's Oscars

According to Spanish outlets, she even gave an interview following the ceremony, claiming that she had spoken with host Neil Patrick Harris 'for a good while'.

But that was only a small part of Anna's Oscar-worthy social media performance.

Prior to the event, Anna had taken and cropped Lupita Nyong’o's snapshot of her invitation to the 87th annual Academy Awards and posed it as her own. 

And for last year's Oscars, she superimposed her face onto one female attendee's body, although her deception had seemingly gone unnoticed.

In addition to her fake awards show appearances, Anna has edited photos to make it look as though she was guest starring on certain television series.

Anna claimed to be on set of “The Big Bang Theory” after she shared a photo of herself with the cast, but her followers were actually seeing her face on actress Summer Glau's body.

She slso told Spanish Esquire magazine that she had worked on the US series "White Collar" with actor Matt Bomer, even chatting about why he turned down the lead role in “50 Shades of Grey.”

The photo she published of Bomer and her was, again, faked. She had superimposed a photograph of her face onto the body of actress, Melissa George. 

For Allen, the lies seem to go deeper, and Spanish social media users have not been as forgiving. They have started to create memes inspired by the lies:

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