Every Three-Pointer Stephen Curry Shots From Another Planet Is a Thing of Beauty

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If you have somehow missed watching Stephen Curry's games this season, you might have a quaint notion of how basketball is played.

In recent days, Curry has broken the league record for 3-pointers in a season and there's still a month left in the season.

He has made 288 3-pointers this season, eclipsing the 286 he made last season. So Stephen Curry is now No. 1, No. 2 and, you guessed it, No. 3 on the single-season list, with 272 during 2012-13.

Watch the best of the best from all 288 shots!

The Warriors experienced a rare close game just days ago when the Oklahoma City Thunder took them to overtime. However, Curry won the game with a looping shot from a few feet inside the halfcourt line.

This is absolutely ridiculous!

Maybe Stephen Curry appears to be on another planet at this moment.

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