Ever Wonder What Your Pet Is Feeling? These Handy Animal Infographics Will Clue You In

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So first, meet Lil Chun. As you can see, she absolutely loves dogs.

Here she is with Sophia, who's available for adoption.

Her Facebook page for DoggieDrawings has gained a massive following with 174,000 likes and counting, and it's because of adorable drawings like this.

Her speciality is of course pet portraits, like this cute gathering of Bruna and Olivia.

But, it's her latest creation that's getting her some massive attention.

Her infographic attempts to decipher your dog's body language...

And we've got to say, she nailed it. Which one is your pup most likely to act out as? All of them? It's totally possible, and absolutely adorable.

But, she doesn't just have an insight into the mind of dogs. She made a similar body language infographic for cats...

Honestly, this one is probably more helpful, because who ever really knows what a cat is thinking?! Maybe this can be your guide as to when to avoid them. 

Both infographics are available as a free download on her website, so feel free to make a copy for yourself to refer to in confusing situations.

Until then, enjoy these Boston Terriers visiting France to put a cheesy smile on your face...


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