Does All Country Music Sound Alike? Shocking Result Reveals

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We complain all the time about how today’s popular country music pretty much all sounds the same, but is this really true from a technical standpoint? 

That’s what one clever YouTube user set out to illustrate by making a mashup of six most popular country songs over the last couple of years in a pretty mind-blowing and revealing video.

Posted under the YouTube username Sir Mashalot, the mashup takes six songs — “Sure Be Cool If You Did” by Blake Shelton, “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan, “Chillin’ It” from Cole Swindell, “Close Your Eyes”by Parmalee, “This is How We Roll” from Florida Georgia Line, and “Ready, Set, Roll” by Chase Rice—and pulled them together into the below super mix that shows that there really aren't many differences between the six:

However, Sir Mashalot he explains that it’s simply an experiment, not meant to hate on any of these artists.

“This Mashup is all in good fun. I am not bashing these songs. I understand and even appreciate why the “formula” continues to dominate the airwaves- not only in country music, but pop and other genres as well. 

“I simply enjoy mixing and producing on Pro Tools, and when I heard the striking similarities of these particular hits, I thought it would be fun to throw them all in a mix and have some fun. And it looks like people are having fun with it too, so I couldn’t be happier.”

As you listen, the visuals help keep track of where one track ends and another begins.

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