Derek Theler Gets "Naked And Afraid" With his Girlfriend

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Who needs TV when we have Instagram?!

Hunky actor Derek Theler, who stars as Danny on the ABC Family comedy “Baby Daddy,” and his Spanish-born girlfriend Christina Ochoa bared all for their own personal episode of Discovery's “Naked And Afraid” series, in which a man and a woman have to survive in exotic locales without clothing for 21 days.

But in the “Baby Daddy” actor's version of the show, he and Ochoa must survive for only 21 hours.

While Discovery pairs up two strangers who meet naked on the first day, Theler and Ochoa at least had the advantage of knowing each other well.

The hot couple has been documenting their adventure on Instagram, kicking off their mission with a pic of them still clothed.

Soon after the initial post, the clothes come off and the adventurous couple embarks on using their "survival items," which include a knife and a FireStarter.

With his abs and other parts fully on display, Theler looks pretty good "naked and afraid.” 

By the time a helicopter arrived to pick them up, Theler had managed to get a nasty gash on his leg and his girlfriend had to give him a piggyback to the rendezvous point as blood gushed from the wound.

They're not the first celebrity couple who have stripped down for the show. For their upcoming comedy flick “The Interview,”James Franco and Seth Rogen, the co-stars and celeb BFFs stripped down for an appearance on the show last November.

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