Celebrate Pocky Day with a Fistful of Pocky Sticks and These Awesome Tweets

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Celebrate Pocky Day with these amusing tweets from Japan!

November 11 is a date which is meant to resemble a bunch of the long, thin snacks standing in a row, and Twitter gets filled with awesome, and often hilarious, photos.

Here’s a selection of the funniest 2015 Pocky tweets, beginning with some of the sweet sticks in their natural habitat.


“It’s after midnight. Today is Pocky and Pretz day. Last year, I held the Pocky straight up and down, but this year I’m raising the difficulty a bit, and just holding them at the tip.”

What’s that? You want more beefcake with your Pocky? Great! Here’s another muscleman happy to help out!

Of course, we can’t let the men have all the fun…

Hey, that’s cheating!

“You mustn’t play with your food! LOL”

Even Marutaro is celebrating!

And what would Pocky Day be without some Pokémon illustrations?!

Hope you have a great Pocky and Pretz Day!


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