"Cats In Tights" Is Ready to Become Your New Favorite Thing on the Internet

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Or you will absolutely hate it. There's no middle ground when it comes to cats in tights.

And the latest stupidly amazing trend to blow up on the Internet is exactly what it sounds like: Cats wearing flashy tights and (usually) a pair of trendy shoes.

Believe it or not, the revolutionary idea actually originated back in 2013, according to Know Your Meme. Sadly, it didn't catch on then.

But maybe that's just because society wasn't ready for it yet.

But one things for certain: we're ready for it now.

The trend seems to have started on Meowfit, a Tumblr that documents the cat Gucci's #OOTD (that'd be "outfit of the day").

This is Gucci, the Swedish cat that started the puss-in-tights trend.

Inspired by Gucci, cats around the world started tucking their furry hindquarters into comfy tights and leggings.

And now, thanks to them, "Cats in Tights" is sweeping the country faster than Bieber fever.

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