Can You Guess the Age of This Fitness Fanatic? You Might Be Pleasantly Surprised

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Boasting rock hard abs, buns of steel and a generally toned and svelte body, Laura Gordon looks every inch the fitness fanatic at the peak of her powers.

But there's something quite surprising about her - she's pushing 50.

Laura from Charlotte, North Carolina, is in fact 48 years old but could easily be mistaken for someone 20 years younger.

Unsurprisingly, The fitness fanatic has attracted a fair bit of attention on the internet with some 451,000 followers tracking her every lunge, push-up and yoga move on Instagram.

What most people don't know, however, is that Laura, from Charlotte, North Carolina, is a real-estate broker and approaching her half-century.

However, she admits that working out is almost like a second job.

She said: "I'm not a fitness professional or fitness model and I've never done anything fitness for a career.

"I don't love working out. It is like a job. Being fit is your pay check and the workout is the difficult job to do."

Laura was 23 when she first started exercising. After working in an office for years and spending any time left on the sofa, she felt "things starting to sag".

In order to enforce some damage control, Laura began doing home fitness DVDs.

Since then, she has been working out consistently.

Nutrition is also vital to the toned blonde, who eats only plain, whole foods and insists she doesn't eat processed food.

She said: "When friends and relatives see me, they will always say 'you're so lucky you are thin and can eat whatever you want'" 

"I explain that I eat heathy food all the time, that's why I'm not fat. Please don't call me lucky for making daily sacrifices that you are not making." 

Laura set up an Instagram account after she saw companies and sites were using her pictures without permission to falsely promote products. 

"It is very important to me that people don't use my photos to trick people into buying that nonsense. Fit teas don't make a person fit, hard work and eating right does."

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