Can You Believe This Super Hot Guy Is Canada's New Prime Minister?

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Is this global warming or did Canada just have a heat wave?

Oh sorry, it's just the new prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

After winning Monday's election, the Internet has begun to collectively swoon over Trudeau, fawning over his boyish charm and his, um, liberal politics...

In case you’re wondering, Trudeau isn’t just the hottest PM to be crowned. 

Once he’s sworn in next month, at 43, he’ll be the second youngest person to hold the title, as well as the first son of a former prime minister to hold the position. 

He’s also put those good looks to work before and starred in a two-part CBC miniseries titled The Great War, and also successfully competed — shirtless — in a charity boxing event in 2012.

And, sorry, we hate to break the news, but he’s been married for a decade to a woman named Sophie Gregoire, and they have three children together.

Sorry, Drake, you're not the sexiest Canadian out there anymore. Trudeau just stole the game.

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