Bromances and Ladymances: 7 Unique On-Screen Friendships in TV History

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While many TV shows focus on romantic relationships, history has proven that there have been just as many magical "bromances," "ladymances" and platonic friendships over the years to keep us highly entertained.

These are 7 of the most endearing friendships that have graced our TV screens throughout history.

1. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson - Sherlock

One of the most famous friendships of all time, the relationship between Sherlock and Watson has also been one of intense speculation, and this has continued with the riveting BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Although they clash and irritate each other at times, deep down they know that they are great friends who rely on one another heavily which is what makes them a great partnership.

2. Meredith and Cristina - Grey's Anatomy

Together they are smart, strong and independent, and both are positive role models for women around the world. Professionally they are competitive with one another and push each other to become better, and this is something that all truly great friends will do.

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