Bishoujo: 10 Beautiful Anime Girls That Will Give You Diabetes

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If you like girls, you can trust these beautiful anime girls will make you happy!

One of the many reason why we love anime so much are the countless beautiful anime girls whose beauty and allure captured our hearts always and forever.

And now, without further delays, check out the list of 10 most beautiful anime girls of all time.

1. Yuuki Asuna - Sword Art Online

Asuna is not just all beauty, she is also one of the best swordsman in the SAO universe, her unmatched speed and healing powers also earned the anime girl titles such as "the flash" and "berserk healer."

Her popularity which started from the virtual world has widely spread to both online and offline anime communities too! Kirito sure is such a lucky guy!

2. Kaga Kouko - Golden Time

The anime girl of almost every guy, Kaga Kouko of Golden Time, also made it on the list! She can be both wild and loving at the same time!

Despite her bratty attitude, she can be one of the most devoted girlfriends in this universe. Smart, beautiful and loving, how dare Banri forget her?

3. Inoue Orihime - Bleach

This anime girl's beauty has always been talk of the town, whether in Karakura Town or Soul Society.

Because of her unquestionable womanly charms, she is often the subject of jealousy among girls.

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