"Best Looking Couple" Spend $100k A Year on Their Looks

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You know what they say, beauty comes from within. Unfortunately, image-obsessed Buck and Michelle Miller didn't get that memo. 

Buck and Michelle Miller spend £40k a month on their looks and claim they are the hottest couple in America.

This vain couple claim to be the best-looking couple in the world, and spend a massive £50,000 ($102,000) every year to maintain their look.

Buck Miller, 26, and his wife Michelle, 33, are both personal trainers, and live in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

They fork out £4,000 each month on manicures, pedicures, haircuts, tanning and gym membership and are so serious about staying in shape that they prepare every meal days in advance.

 The looks-obsessed duo spend all their time training or eating perfectly prepared and weighed meals

Demonstrating a shaky understanding of the word "fact", Buck said: "We are America’s best-looking couple. That's a fact, hands down."

The amateur bodybuilder, who hits the gym three times a day, admits he cannot walk past a mirror without gazing at himself.

The pair had a long-distance relationship for a year before marrying on Valentine's Day, 2013

The pair, who even employ something called a ‘posing coach’ for bodybuilding competitions, say people cannot help but stare at them wherever they go, such is their exquisiteness.

They also walk around their home in their underwear, so they can enjoy looking at themselves and each other.

 Buck says Michelle as his spitting image and the female version of him.

Here’s What they spend £4,000 a month on:

Michelle’s competition outfits – £320

Make-up and grooming – £2,250

Tanning – £30

Gym memberships – £95

Organic food – £1,000

Dietary supplements – £500

Buck’s competition coach – £640

Competition fees and accommodation – £300 to £3,000

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