Backpackers Are Posing With Nothing on In Front Of Landmarks Around The Globe

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Backpackers have drawn much media attention to their actions recently.

They are stripping off at world famous landmarks and then uploading naked selfies to social media as part of a new craze.

British student Eleanor Hawkins hit the headlines earlier this week when she was jailed for baring all at the top of a sacred mountain in Malaysia and "upsetting the gods."

But they're not the first group of people to land themselves in trouble for snapping indecent snaps in front of famous landmarks.

Two American sisters were arrested at the Preah Khan temple, at Angkor, Cambodia, after guards caught them taking photos of each others' bums. Sounds legit.

Linsey Adams, 22 and Leslie, 20, from Arizona, were given a six-month suspended prison sentence and slapped with a  £160 fine.

A month earlier, three French men were deported after they were caught taking naked photographs. OOH LA LA.

The official Facebook page, Naked At Monuments, has 3,741 likes and is littered with hilariously explicit shots. The page aims to spread travel advice, cheer and bare bums around the globe!

No ifs, no butts!

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