Avatar Is Coming to Your City, But Not in the Way You Think

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It's going to be a long, hard wait until the first "Avatar" sequel hits theaters in 2017. It's already been six years!

But now, fans are going to get a taste of the movie sooner than we thought. 

No, unfortunately, the release date hasn't been moved up; instead, an exhibition based on the original flick is set to tour the world beginning in the fall of 2016, about a year before the first of three planned sequels is expected to reach movie theaters.

Twentieth Century Fox teamed up with a company called Global Experience Specialists to bring the world of Pandora to life.

Attendees will get to explore various aspects of the record-breaking sci-fi film, including a "multimedia journey" into the Alpha Centauri system, as well as a Bioluminescent Theater that recreates Pandora at night.

We can't promise that the exhibit will make you "s--t yourself with your mouth wide open," as Cameron promised of the three upcoming sequels, but it still sounds pretty darn cool. 

Tour organizers have not mentioned which cities will be lucky enough to spend time in fake-Pandora, so stay tuned for more announcements.

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