Attention, This Breaking Bad-Themed Coffee Shop Promises to Give You A Buzz

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There is a "Breaking Bad"-themed cafe that exists in the world, and it's perfect.

Meet Walter's Coffee Roastery, a cafe in Istanbul, Turkey created as an homage to the hit AMC show.

And judging by the coffee shop's Instagram page, it's clear owner Deniz Kosan took no half measures when setting it up.

The branding in this place is so spot on.

From the hazmat suit-wearing baristas to the periodic tables on the walls to the beakers that serve as cups, Walter's Coffee Roastery has the spirit of the series down pat.

Additionally, if you want to take some beans home, you can help yourself to some of the coffee beans from industrial-sized bean holders that are modelled after Walt's chemical tanks.

The only thing you can't get is an order of Walt and Jesse's signature "blue sky," though they do offer a very convincing sugary substitute.

We see a trip to Turkey in our near future.

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