An Eye-Opening Video Shows The Sad Truth Behind Online Photos

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We all have that Facebook friend who fills our feed with those perfect photos depicting the perfect life we don't have.

They have all of these great photos that get hundreds of likes, and their lives seem like they're filled with so much love, joy, and success.

There's no need to get upset though because most of the time these people don't live up to their photos either, as it is shown in a video below.

In fact, the truth behind them is actually pretty funny.

There you go! Feel better about your life?

The video is a really smart take on the fad for sharing our every step but it does show how appearances can be deceptive, and even though a picture can speak 1,000 words, you might want to check if the words are lies.

You might not get hundreds of likes on your pictures, but at least you aren't doing ridiculous nonsense like this.

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