After Losing Golden Globe, Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Kisses Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

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Tonight at the Golden Globes while Ryan Gosling was walking up to the stage to accept his award for Best Actor In A Motion Picture - Musical Or Comedy, there was a thing happening that was honestly more important.

Go on, look close.


But yeah, that's right. All the stars are out tonight for the Golden Globes, and Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield helped each other ease the pain after one lost an award.

Both actors have been known for their work in Marvel movies, but one is more celebrated for said role than the other. Ryan Reynolds has been praised for his role as Deadpool in the 2016 movie, enough so that he earned a Golden Globe nomination for the role.

Andrew Garfield was celebrated for his take on Peter Parker, but many fans had a problem with the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Those who complained, however, had nothing negative to say regarding Garfield's performance.

So, this night wasn't a total loss.

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