A Mum Dressed Perfectly When She Got Two Sons Playing for Different Countries

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What's a football-loving mum to do when you've got one son playing for one country, and your other son playing for another?

If you're Elmaze Xhaka, mother of Granit Xhaka, who plays for Switzerland, and Taulant Xhaka, who plays for Albania, you wear one T-shirt for both teams, that's what.

The Xhaka brothers went head-to-head when Albania played Switzerland in the teams' opening game of Euro 2016.

Basel-born Granit, 23, plays for the county of his birth. But his 25-year-old brother, Taulant, plays for Albania, the country where their Kosovo-Albanian parents were born.

Elmaze, therefore, wore a T-shirt showing half a Swiss flag and half an Albanian flag when she turned up to support her sons during the game.

"We will show the world that even though we are opponents for 90 minutes we will stand together like only brothers can do," Granit Xhaka wrote in a Facebook post.

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