A Bank Error Put $4.6 Million in Her Account and She Spent $3.3M Before Getting Caught

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What would you do if you checked your bank account to realize you had an additional $4.6 million that wasn't supposed to be there?

It happened to one girl, and the temptation proved too great. She went on a lavish shopping spree, trying to spend the cash before anyone noticed.

Her name is Christine Jiaxin Lee, 21-year-old engineer from Malaysia who, when living in Australia as a student, found something shocking. An error put $4.6 million into her bank account.

She didn't do anything to facilitate the error. It just happened due to a mix-up on the bank's part. But that's where the ethical grey area ends.

She took the money and went on a wild shopping spree. The temptation was too much to resist. She even got a fancy apartment.

Oh, and she bought handbags. SO MANY HANDBAGS. She spent almost a million bucks on them alone.

Remarkably, her boyfriend was oblivious to her spending and never knew what transpired. He learned only when she got arrested. She got out on bail, but has to report to the police station twice per day and give up her passport.

The girl claimed that she thought her parents gave her the money but now has to pay back all the money she spent.

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