9 Undesirable Sports Records No One Wants to Break

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There are a lot of these undesirable individual records in sports.

Namely, no one wants to be the worst in any statistical category or turn in a historically ghastly performance. The following are 9 of the worst things an athlete can "lead" the category in.

1. Most Missed Field Goals

Kobe Bryant, though one of the all-time NBA greats, has also missed more shots than anyone in the game's history.

It doesn't seem like anyone would want this record, but then again, Bryant legitimately doesn't seem to care about holding it. After all, you do have to take a lot of shots to miss a lot of shots.

2. Most Strikeouts

Reggie Jackson is MLB's all-time leader for strikeouts, but Jim Thome, Sammy Sosa and Alex Rodriguez are also in the top five.

For MLB batters, there's nothing good about a strikeout. However, it's something that might be forgiven depending on what else the batter is doing.

3. Most Interceptions

No one wants to have the most interceptions of all time. Still, for a quarterback to tally the most career interceptions, that would probably mean he had to throw a lot of passes.

Brett Favre does hold the record for most interceptions thrown in NFL history. However, take that with a grain of salt because he also started a record 298 games and attempted a record 10,169 passes.

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