9 Times K-Pop Girls' Stage Outfits Might Have Been TOO Revealing

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Girls groups’ stage outfits are getting more and more daring it seems, and stylists job is to find the most unique and sexy outfits as possible. 

But sometimes groups have performed in skirts that may be considered too short, and show off a little more than desired. 

Here are 9 times when our favorite female idols’ stage oufits that might gave been too revealing.

1. Class 1 Grade 7

This outfit sparked couples with their suggestive dance moves sparked some controversy. 

As the name of the group and concept represent a high school class, it seemed indecent to sexualize them using such provocative dances in school uniform style outfits.

2. Sistar

On the 31st broadcast of KBS’s Music Festival show, Sistar performed their song “So Cool” in very short red dresses….maybe a bit too short for some fans.

3. Hello Venus

When Hello Venus’ “Wiggle Wiggle” came out, they became an instant topic of discussion, mainly for the provocative attire. 

Although they said it was comfortable to wear, some netizens believed that they were exposing a bit too much.

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