9 Times Female Athletes Make You Love Sports Instantly

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You don't see sexy female athletes often, but when you do they almost always catch your eye instantly.

These chesty athletes include sexy tennis players, golfers, mixed martial artists and more. Once you see these female athletes, you may fall in love with sports.

1. Natlie Gulbis

Natlie Gulbis is a professional LPGA Golfer who has won millions in prize money during her golfing career. She's also a sex symbol in the golf world.

2. Anna Semenovich

Ice skating isn't exactly a big sport among male sports fans, but if there were more skaters like Anna I have a feeling that there would be a lot more guys tuning in.

3. Clair Bidez

Clair Bidez was a professional snowboarder who just missed competing at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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