9 Things You Can Do With Your Bra Other Than Wear It

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If you thought your bra was only good for holding up your boobs, you were horribly mistaken. 

For example, this story about the wonder bra proves that ra could even be a mini vest to save your life.

And there are plenty of other things you can do with your bra besides wear it, guys. 

So if you've been duped into believing a bra's sole purpose is to serve as a prison for your ta-tas, you're about to be enlightened.

1. As An Eye Mask

Sometimes the only thing you need to fall asleep is complete darkness. Instead of reaching for a face mask like a normal person, however, you can reaching for my bra instead. 

The bra doesn't squeeze your head like most masks tend to do, so it's much more comfortable and relaxing when I'm falling asleep. 

Plus, the fun colors on bra are a great way to wake up with literal rose-tinted glasses, excited for the day to begin.

2. As A Fruit Hanger

Fruits are so hard to organize, but with the two basket-like cups on a bra, the process becomes much easier. 

By keeping a few select foods at the ready, you'll be able to grab what you need when you're rushed for time and need a snack before you head out the door. 

Plus, it's just pretty to look at. Home decor, anyone?

3. As A Hand Towel

Doing laundry is so overrated, so why waste your time on a load of towels when you can just use a bra? 

Drape a bra on the towel bar in your bathroom, and reach for that every time you need something to dry your hands with. It's much more decorative and takes up way less room. 

Plus, your guests will be delighted (and not at all confused) when they use the restroom!

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