9 Popular Japanese Fetishes Mostly Seen on Anime/Manga

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Japanese have always been to into some kinky stuff.

Here are 8 most popular japanese fetishes can be seen on anime/manga.

8. Nekomimi 

A.K.A. Cat Ears. We all know the internet loves cats and boobs at the same time. Why not combine both of them ? 

Though it can also be a hot guy with wolf ears as substitute or any other feline as long as they suffice your lust as well as your daily dose of cuteness.

7. Maids 

Not just any maid, but girls dressed as French maids. 

There are even maid cafes that are open for business in Tokyo.

6. Oppai 

No anime would be complete without a character with huge bouncy boobs. 

Apparently every female character is at least a C-cup unless they are a pettanko or loli.

5. Pettanko

Those characters are often insecure with the size of their fun bags.

Pettanko and loli are not the same, loli is just too young to have big boobs while a pettanko isn't.

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