9 Most Silly Weapons in Anime World

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7. Paper (Read or Die)

Besides being able to write on it, it can be used to stop bullets and protect you from explosions if you had enough of it. Unfortunately, paper would probably not make an effective weapon.

Even if you were able to shoot sheets of paper through the air at high speed, it's not going to do much, especially against modern weapons.

8. Breast Missile (Mahoromatic)

The name speaks for itself.


9. Giant Steel Penis (Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera)

OK, so it might not actually be a giant penis, but when a steel rod shoots out of a monster's crotch, it's difficult imagining what else it could be.

No matter how hard it is, using this tool to try to fight your opponents is just a bad idea, especially if they have a sharp or heavy weapon.

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