9 Most Silly Weapons in Anime World

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4. Boomerang

Anime such as Inuyasha and Shangri-La feature a large boomerang as a weapon. It can be used to attack opponents from a distance and always returns to the user.

Anyone who has played with a boomerang in real life will know that once it hits something, it's not coming back.

5. Rose (Sailor Moon)

Tuxedo Mask and his red rose have saved Sailor Moon plenty of times while she was in a bind, but I doubt it would work in real life.

6. Rocket Hammer (Battle Angel Alita)

Hammers can be used as deadly blunt weapons, but installing a rocket booster in one just seems like a bad idea.

Unlike in anime, I doubt many people would be able to hold onto a rocket, much less move it around to hit a target.

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