9 Most Silly Weapons in Anime World

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A lot of strange ideas can come out of anime sometimes, and that includes the weapons that are used.

Many anime characters have weapons that either defy physics or look just plain silly. Some of them do not exist, while others would never actually work in real life.

1. Machinegun Mounted Segways (Aria the Scarlet Ammo)

In the first episode, our hero, Kinji, finds himself bicycling for his life as a bomb strapped to his seat is set to explode if he pedals slower than a certain speed.

All the while, he is being chased by a remote-controlled Segway. Not only that, the Segway is mounted with a loudspeaker warning him about the bomb, and a machinegun to take him out if the bomb doesn't.


2. Staplers (Bakemonogatari)

While children can probably pull off threatening each other with staplers, how likely is someone to back down if a high school girl threatened to staple him?

In Bakemonogatari, staplers are Hitagi Senjougahara's weapon of choice, and surprisingly, she can use them to force her manservant into submission.

3. Neko Neko Knuckles (Ookamisan and Seven Companions)

High school students can come up with some crazy and cute inventions. In Ookamisan, one such invention are the neko neko knuckles. They are essentially boxing gloves shaped like cat heads and electrified.

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