9 Little-Known Facts About Men's Nipples Everyone Should Know

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4. In some rare cases, men can lactate, too!

Apparently men can produce milk, too! Who would have thought? I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that it'll never happen to me.


5. Hairy-ola Areola?

The nipple itself does not grow hair on it, but the areola sure does! I definitely have hairy areolas that need regular plucking. TMI?

6. It really hurts to get them waxed.

Sure, a lot of guys out there are huge crybabies when it comes to this. They fear getting their chests waxed and scream like little girls (just like Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin). 

The nipples are very sensitive, and this part of the procedure hurts the most, but our pride will not allow us to cry out in agony or shed a tear. That means that all you cosmetologists out there need to be gentle!

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