9 Little-Known Facts About Men's Nipples Everyone Should Know

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Nipples. We’ve all got them, but for men they are largely a vestigial appendage. 

However, now there’s a new Japanese magazine that not only recognizes one of the least cared about parts of the male body, but places it on a pedestal to be honored and adored. Thank you, Japan!

What’re more, we’ve got another 9 things that you didn't know about men's nipples. You’re welcome.

1. Ladies, we actually like it when you touch our nipples.

That's right! You're not the only ones with sensitive nipples. We just hide behind our masculinity and pretend like we're insensitive to give off a debonair-like confident approach. 

We also like it when you touch our butts—I'm just saying—so fondle away, chicas!

2. Guys care what their boobs look like, too.

What!? Did you think you were the only ones looking in the mirror for minutes on end at your boobies? 

Sure, we'd love to trade places with you (because we like to see boobs) but guys worry about what their chests look like, too! 

If a guy hasn't worked out in a while and has been eating too many cheeseburgers, man-boobies can be a major problem.

3. Nipples bother many men who jog or run.

This is pretty much the worst type of chaffing known to man. It's even worse than the inner thigh type.

 This is why you see so many shirtless marathon runners because let's face it, bleeding nipples are no fun... ugghhhhhh!

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