9 Jaw-Dropping Athlete Wardrobe Malfunctions You Have to See

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7.Jenifer Benitez, Diver


Adjusting your swimsuit is a necessary part of being an Olympic diver, the only problem is, there are cameras on you at all times. That doesn’t exactly give you any privacy to put things back where they are supposed to be, which Spanish diver, Jenifer Benitez found out at the 2012 London Summer Olympics.  

Benitez was adjusting her swimsuit when her scores were announced, and she accidentally revealed her nipple to the world. 

8.Kerri Walsh, Beach Volleyball Player

When you are wearing a sports bra and tiny bikini bottoms, there isn’t much chance you won’t end up showing something to the crowd. 

One half of American beach volleyball team, Kerri Walsh ended up losing her bottoms after diving in the sand for a ball during a match. But let’s be honest, in those outfits, her butt is pretty much out most of the time anyway, so she probably didn’t even notice.

9.Venus Williams

If there's one word to describe the the famous athletes Williams sisters, it's daring. 

Aggressive and ruthless, both will stop at nothing to intimidate. But leave it to Venus to truly shock the crowd with her striped halter tops (if you want to call them that) and tissue-thin tights. 

If there's another word to perfectly not describe them, it's discrete.

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