9 Jaw-Dropping Athlete Wardrobe Malfunctions You Have to See

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4.Ekaterina Rubleva, Figure Skater


In this video, one of the straps break off Ekaterina Rubleva's perky and frilly pink dress as she twirls around the Winter Games arena.

It's a mortifying wardrobe malfunction moment (and you can see everything) for a female athlete, but she still goes on to finish out the routine.

5.Paul Pierce, Basketball Player


When facing Boston's main man, you can't stop him, you can only hope to pants him. That was the motto Metta World Peace took back when he was still a Pacer named Ron Artest. 

But forget the epic pantsing itself, we're inspired by the post-game apology. A melodic love note. 

6.Devin Hester, Football player

When the goal is to tackle other players, it isn’t really surprising that clothing would get pulled the wrong way sometimes.  

As a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, Devin Hester should be used to getting tackled. But he probably didn’t expect to have his pants pulled down, like in this game against the Philadelphia Eagles 2009.  

Sometimes grabbing on to whatever is within reaching distance is the only way to stop someone. 

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