9 Important Fashion Lessons We Learn From Anime

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Have you ever tried to learn how to dress myself from anime characters?

There are some really good fashion DOs you can learn from those of the big eyed animated persuasion.

1. Colored Hair is Always Better

In the world of anime, any hair color is possible. Kids pop out into the world bright eyed and bushy tailed with purple peach fuzz adorning their little noggins.

Most heroes and heroines in anime have outrageously colored hair. Think about it: The Sailor Scouts? Awesome. Hatsune Miku and co.? Awesome. SAIYANS TURNING SUPER SAIYAN? AWESOME!!!

If the fact that you get epic powers and strengths when your hair turns an unnatural color.

2. Schoolgirl Outfits Are the Cutest Thing on the Planet

It’s standard schoolgirl wear in Japan to be adorned in a cuter than life uniform and anime always takes it one step further.

The Internet is rife with adorable seifuku, even in fun prints like galaxy! Since pretty much every schoolgirl in an anime wears a seifuku, just shop for cosplay and wear it on the daily, or you can make a billion sailor collars with different fabrics and just wear them over the top of t-shirts like kawaii necklaces.

3. Most Eyelashes = Best Eyelashes

Stacks on stacks on stacks: that is how many pairs of false eyelashes you need to be wearing. Because if you don’t have giant anime eyeballs, how are you going to turn on CUTE!!?

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