9 Iconic Masks You'll Never Forget Once You See Them

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They say clothes make the man, well masks make the hero.

No matter what the reason for these people having to wear them, clearly no-one has pulled off the distinct art of wearing masks better than this crew.

1. Darth Vader

Maybe the appeal here is mostly masochistic because of that whole "force choke" thing, but Darth Vader's mask is not only much more appealing than his actual face, it's one of the sickest around.

2. Batman

Batman's mask has always looked pretty fantastic, but never as good as on Christian Bale. Not only does he look good, but he's sauve as hell. And a billionaire, who, casually, decided to dedicate his life to vanquishing evil. That's a little much.

3. Catwoman

No-one did a sexier Catwoman than Eartha Kitt, and particularly during the time she did. Instead of throwing it in our faces, Eartha Kitt and her Catwoman outfit represent a more dignified, subtler sexuality, which is much better.

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