9 Coolest LGBT Couples in Anime World

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7. Shion and Nezumi - No.6

Shion and Nezumi's relationship was a subtle and subversive but important moment in anime when it came to how gay romance was portrayed, especially in the science fiction genre. Their relationship was not explicit, but it generated a ton of hate among anime fandoms that were not happy with the gay overtones bleeding over into a not-so-shounen-ai sci-fi series.

The controversy these two caused upon No. 6's release was something notable. But No. 6's legacy shouldn't be how many homophobes it pissed off, but rather its captivating storytelling, surreal concepts, and endearing same-sex relationship.

8. Tomoyo Daidouji, Touya Kinomoto and Yukito Tsukishiro - Cardcaptor Sakura

CLAMP started off writing yaoi doujinshi, and have continued to include gay characters in their stories as they've become manga superstars. In this magical girl series, Tomoyo has a serious crush on her friend Sakura, and Touya and Yukito are officially a couple.


9. Shion Karanomori and Yayoi Kunizuka - Psycho-Pass

Shion Karanomori is a total babe, forever glamorous and never seen without her bright red lipstick. If you blinked, you might just have missed the scene in episode 22 which shows Shion lying naked in bed with the equally naked Enforcer Yayaoi Kunizuka as they reflect on the events that have happened in the series.

The fact that both Shion and Yayaoi are femme also works to break down the misconception that in a girl-on-girl couple, one of them has to be the "man".

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