9 Celebrities Who Seem To Hate The Paparazzi The Most

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4. Britney Spears

While time (and psychotropic medication) has calmed her down, we as a society can't help but fondly remember Brit-Brit’s infamous "shaved head and umbrella" incident with the paparazzi. 

After being harassed by paps in a parking lot, an insane, enraged (and bald) Spears went to town on a pap’s SUV with an umbrella. She was so pissed, she broke the damn thing!

5. Lily Allen

Lily Allen has always gotten hostile with the paparazzi every time they ask her for a picture. 

On one occasion, she kicked a paparazzi outside the Wardour Club in London. She was arrested, but didn’t learn her lesson and later on, threw a bottle of water at another photographer, as well as kicked and hit at him. 

Now she avoids paparazzi hotspots to avoid jeopardizing her career.

6. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is one celebrity who is known for how angry he gets with the paparazzi. 

One day, while at the courthouse with Hilaria Thomas, in an attempt to obtain a marriage license, Alec was being trailed by a photographer. Not willing to let his happy moment be ruined, he hit the photographer numerous times and took off. 

He also hit another photographer and accused him of being raped by a priest. 

While he’s not gotten charged for his actions yet, the future may be pretty dim. 

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